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 I got closer to my health provider after I started using ePRO tool. I got closer by being open, being able to say what you're feeling, what you're thinking. I like commitments, I like the idea of this ePRO program.

Digital Bridge Project

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Full Trial

Phase 5 - In progress!

Exploratory Trial


A multimethod exploratory trial of the electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) tool was conducted to uncover contexts, processes and outcome variables, and the mechanisms that link these variable before full-scale evaluation.
This paper offers evaluation findings and methodological insight on how to use exploratory trial data to identify relevant contexts, process, and outcome variables, as well as central (necessary to achieving outcomes) versus peripheral (less critical and potentially context dependent) mechanisms at play.

Usability Trial


A 4-week pilot study was conducted in which patients and providers used the ePRO tool to develop health-related goals, which patients then monitored using a mobile device.
This study tested the usability and feasibility of adopting the ePRO tool into a single interdisciplinary primary health care practice in Toronto, Canada. The Fit between Individuals, Fask, and Technology (FITT) framework was used to guide our assessment and explore whether the ePRO tool is: (1) feasible for adoption in interdisciplinary primary health care practices and (2) usable from both the patient and provider perspectives. 

Needs Assessment & Tool Development


Guided by user-centered design principles, interpretive descriptive qualitative research methods were adopted to capture user experiences through interviews and working groups.
This paper describes the design and development approach, specifically the process of incorporating qualitative research methods into user-centered design approaches to create the ePRO tool. Key lessons learned are offered as a guide for
other eHealth and mHealth research and technology developers working with  complex patient populations and their primary health care providers.
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