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Developing eHealth tools for patients with complex chronic disease and disability
ePRO User Manuals


Steele Gray et al. Using Explanatory Trials to Identify Relevant Contexts and Mechanisms in Complex Electronic Health Interventions: Evaluating the Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome Tool.


Steele Gray et al. From Summative to Developmental: Incorporating Design-Thinking into Evaluations of Complex Interventions.

Irfan Khan et al. mHealth Tools for Self-Management of Patients With Multimorbidity in Primary Care Settings: Pilot Study to Explore User Experience. 



Hans et al. The Provider Perspective: Investigating the Effect of the Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome (ePRO) Mobile Application and Portal on Primary Care Provider Workflow.


Steele Gray et al. Supporting Goal-Oriented Primary Health Care for Seniors with Complex Care Needs Using Mobile Technology:
Evaluation and Implementation of the Health System Performance Research Network, Bridgepoint Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Tool.

Steele Gray et al. Improving Patient Experience and Primary Care Quality for Patients with Complex Chronic Disease and Disability Using the Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes Tool: Adopting Qualitative Methods Into a User-Centred Design Approach.

Steele Gray at el. The Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Tool: Testing Usability and Feasibility of a Mobile App and Portal to Support Care for Patients with Complex Chronic Disease and Disability in Primary Care Settings.


Steele Gray et al. Tying eHealth Tools Patient Needs: Exploring the Use of eHealth for Community-Dwelling Patients with Complex Chronic Disease and Disability.

Miller et al. Patient-Centered Care and Patient-Reported Measures: Let's Look Before We Leap.

Integrated Care Series
IFIC Special Interest Group                                        Webinar Series

Webinar 1: IFIC Special International Group-Digital Health Enabling Integrated Care

Topic:  Defining Digital Health Enabling Integrated Care

Watch the webinar:

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